February 28 2006 - SCM Changeover (cvs -> svn)

Sourceforge finally support subversion as the sourcecode content managment system. If you want to check-out the repo, do a:

svn co https://svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/koctopus koctopus

May 28 2005 - Initial Repository Commit

I am proud to announce the initial commit of kocotpus - a linux kernel based framework for testing various linux subsystems as a whole and process-specific.
Main goal is a framework which provides information from the kernel to userspace.

Koctopus consists of four parts:

Koctopus uses some kernel hooks for collecting data and passing it to userspace via a netlink socket. Analysis applications can perform further processing:

The original idea behind this project was to create a facility for monitoring protocol performance (namely TCP). Sniffing the wire would not be enough, as most important variables are not present in the data stream. They are only accessible from within the kernel. Then we found that there is in fact plenty of interesting stuff going on in other parts of the kernel as well ;)
As this post's title suggests, koctopus is currently in a rather early stage of development. There are two modules currently being implemented:

May 10 2005 - Kocotpus Sourceforge registered

Today kotopus became a registered sourceforge project. Thanks for this great community service!


Sat May 28 CEST 2005
Tue May 10 CEST 2005